Slope & Swell is a triannual print magazine focused on design and travel.

Slope & Swell was born from the idea that you can experience design in all aspects of your life by traversing the world. Whether it be architecture, interiors, art, furniture, graphics, or any other creative outlet, what better way to explore and learn about it than through travel and adventure? Slope is an architectural term, and swell can be synonymous with the word “excellent,” but both share the commonality of applying to physical features. One describes the incline of a mountain, and the other describes the movement of waves, which was fate for our editors as Courtney hails from the Rockies in Colorado while Tam comes from the Pacific in California.

This magazine aims to bring awareness to all the arts and adventures that are out there. Design and inspiration can be at your doorstep, but more often than not, wandering further into the unknown is what will provide a truly fulfilling experience. Through stories and photos, this magazine hopes to inspire you to delve into your surroundings and pursue beauty in every form.