On a keyboard, it’s the command you hit when you want out of what ever you’re doing. From a creative standpoint, escapades provide a change in scenery and the opportunity to alter perspectives. Vol. III explores what these methods are.  These stories take us to the islands of Bali, Indonesia and Hawaii, United States, where “tropical paradise” becomes synonymous with escape. They take us to the isolated forest in the Laplands, Sweden, where design starts to aid your escape within nature. They take us to California, where inspiration is present in objects like old, abandoned swimming pools or window frames from the junkyard. We feature designers Craig Steely Architecture, Ibuku, Snohetta, The Vanguard Theory, to name a few, and explore the activities and the arts that we turn to whenever we try to catch a break.

150 pages. 8.5” x 11”. Perfect bound, printed FSC-approved uncoated paper

Contributors: Arne Max Olaf Barwinski, Craig Robbins, Dean Raphael, James Pilkington, Jordan Basile, Olivia Doan, Pamela del Valle

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