We met in architecture school at California Polytechnic State University and bonded over our love of donuts and corny jokes. While at school, we struggled to balance our passions in design and adventure as each weekend, we'd have to decide between pursuing design ideas in studio after hours or embarking on a spontaneous trip to Big Sur. Why couldn't we have both?

To us, architecture is more than just floor plans and sections. Design encompasses everything from the city you walk through to the mug you drink your coffee from. It varies across states, countries, and continents. Design is everywhere and it just gets better when your perspective widens. Travel is necessary. 

As time went on, we found ourselves looking for ways to incorporate our hobby of writing and appreciation for photography with design and travel. After taking a course in entrepreneurship, and accumulating an absurd amount of boutique magazines, we decided to launch our very own.

Slope & Swell Magazine highlights the connection between architectural design and travel by showcasing others' creative outlets around the world. Through stories and photography, we hope people find inspiration to share their passions and delve into their surroundings.


She introduces herself as Tam, her friends call her Tamela or Tamale like the Mexican food, and her parents enjoy calling her Tham-Tam. Tam grew up in Carlsbad, California and ventured out to the happiest place on earth, San Luis Obispo, California to achieve her Bachelors in Architecture with an emphasis in Journalism. She spent her fourth year living in Italy, surrounded by some of the greatest works by well-known artists. She now continues her passions as a designer for a firm in downtown San Diego.


Courtney grew up in Denver, Colorado. After being a native of Colorful Colorado, she found her way to California to trade the snow for the sea. After five years at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, she graduated with a B.Arch and a minor in Sustainable Environments. In 2014, she studied abroad in Switzerland, which furthered her appreciation for design and travel. You can find her now exploring the vast terrain of New Zealand, living in a van that tops out at 52 mph.


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