Slope & Swell is a triannual print magazine about design and travel. Slope is an architectural term, and swell can be synonymous with the word “excellent,” but both share the commonality of applying to physical features - one describing the incline of a mountain, and the other describing the movement of the waves.

Whether it be architecture, interiors, art, furniture, graphics, or any other creative outlet, Slope & Swell aims to showcase the arts and adventures all over the world by using print as a medium. Through stories and photos, this magazine hopes to inspire you to delve into your surroundings and pursue beauty in every form.




Courtney comes from Colorado (the slope) and Tam comes from California (the swell). They met in architecture school at California Polytechnic State University and bonded over their desire to merge their two passions in design (the slope) and adventure (the swell). While they had an appreciation for architecture, they also found that traveling and being outdoors made design that much better. In 2017, they launched the first volume of Slope & Swell, using print as a tangible means of highlighting creative pursuits around the world.

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